UGA and Georgia Tech have posted profiles of their incoming freshmen classes. They are impressive, to say the least. In fact, they might be a little frightening to would-be applicants.

Applications at UGA dropped slightly from 2009′s 17,770 and the acceptance rate increased from 54% to 59%, yielding an enrollment of 4,800, up 125 from last year’s freshman class.

While the average high school gpa of UGA’s first-year class did not change from last year’s 3.83, test scores shot up. Way up. While last year’s midrange SAT scores (25th-75th percentiles) were 1700-1990, this year’s incoming classes midrange is 1800-2060. The change in ACT scores is even more dramatic: The midrange shifted from 24-29 to 27-31.

UGA says that 95% of freshmen took at least one AP class, and the typical UGA freshman takes between three and seven.

These scores nearly match Georgia Tech’s 2009 stats, but Tech’s scores also increased dramatically this year, pushing it toward the stratosphere of the Ivies. Georgia Tech saw a marked increase in applications, going from 11,432 in 2009 to 13,553 in 2010. The acceptance rate dropped from 58% to 52%, and ultimately 2,650 students enrolled as freshmen.

 The mid 50% SAT for Georgia Tech’s freshman is 1900-2130, and its midrange ACT scores are 27-32. In 2009, they were 1810-2100 and 27-31.

Note: UGA and Georgia Tech “superscore” both the SAT and ACT. Superscoring is the process of combing the highest section scores for students submitting multiple test results, often resulting in a higher composite score than the student actually achieved in any one sitting.

For a profile of UGA’s freshman class, click here. For Tech’s, click here.


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